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Synagogue of Cordoba

The Synagogue of Cordoba is one of the most significant synagogues in Spain along with the synagogues of "Santa Maria la Blanca" and the "Tránsito de Nuestra Señora", both of them located in Toledo.

It was constructed, according to the inscription of its foundation kept in the interior, in 1315 (year 5075 of the Jewish calendar, which started on September the 20th, 1314 and finished on September the 1st, 1315). The translation of the inscription comes to say: "miniature Sanctuary and house of the Testimony (or Law) that Ishap Moheb finished (son of Efrein Wadowa) in the '75. ¡ Also, oh God, turn around and rush to re-construct Jerusalem!"

If you just want to know the Mosque of Cordoba, the Alzcázar of the Kings, the Jewish Quarter and the Synagogue, we have 2 types of visits:

Visit Cordoba Synagogue - Join a group

Join a group of no more than 30 people.
Departures: Tuesday to Saturday throughout the year.
Duration: 3 hours.
Price: 45 € (VAT included)

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Visit Cordoba Synagogue - Private Guide

Hire a guide just for you or your group.
Duration: 2 hours.
Departures: any day.
Price: From 170€ (VAT included)

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