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Night Walking tour in the city center of Cordoba

Description of the visit

Guided Tour Cordoba - Night Walk

Walking tour in which we will go through the most picturesque lanes and squares of Cordoba. Accompanied by an Official Guide of Cordoba we will visit emblematic places like the Capuchinos Square, a place full of charm because the image of The Cristo de los Faroles and the Church of Los Dolores are there. We will pass by the Roman Temple, The Plaza del Potro Square, with the Hostel of El Potro and the museums of Fine Arts and Julio Romero de Torres. Then we will see the Street of the Flowers and, in the old Jewish Quarter or Juderia, the Synagogue; the City Walls, the Roman Gate, and many more places.

* On December 8, the visit to the Mosque will begin at 9:30
* The synagogue will be closed temporarily for restoration reasons.

Details of the visit

  • Price per visit/group

    (Maximum 30 people): 208 €

    ** The price of this tour will be 263 € on Saturdays and public holidays.
    * All prices are VAT included.

  • Guided tour by the Cordoba Official Guides:

    members of APIT (Local Association of Professional Guides.
  • Duration:

    2 hours approx.
  • Itinerary:

    Plaza de Capuchinos and Cristo de los Faroles, The Cuesta del Bailío and Calle Alfaros, The Templo Romano, The Plaza de la Corredera, The Plaza del Potro, its Posada, The Hospital de la Caridad and Museums, The Portichuelo, Calle Cabezas, Calles Arquillos y Almanzor, Santa Clara, The Encarnación and Calle de las Flores, the Jewish Quarter or Judería and the monument to Maimónides, the exterior of the Synagogue, The Puerta de Roma, its walls, the Piedra Negra, Seneca y Averroes.
  • Groups:

    maximum of 30 people per guide.
  • How to pay:

    paying everything in advance, by credit card or bank transfer.
  • More information:

    Telephone: +34 958 225 226. Móvil: +34 677 417 790


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