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Guided Tours to the Mosque of Cordoba

We propose you 3 differents ways to know the Mosque and the Cathedral:

Interior of the Mosque of Cordoba


The Great Mosque -Aljama- of Cordoba, built during the period of Moorish occupation, is the most splendid Islamic monument in the western world.

Its construction commenced in 785, when Abd-ar-Rahman established Cordoba as capital of al-Andalus, on the site of an ancient church dedicated to San Vicente and was extended during successive periods by Abd-ar-Rahman II, Al-Hakam II and Almanzor.

The Mosque covers an area of 24,000m2 and its interior is an authentic forest of columns and arches, wherein the exceptional and admirable Mihrab, boasting inscriptions of the Koran in gold and rich mosaics, represents the focal point.

The Great Mosque is a harmonious combination of various different styles: the initial works of Abd-ar-Rahman I display Hispano-Visigothic influences, taking advantage of materials and columns gathered from other constructions.

The Mosque's square ground plan is comprised of horseshoe arches supported on semi-circular arches that serve to provide greater elevation to the roof, resistance to the architectonic structure and facilitate lighting.

The first extension was carried by Abd-ar-Rahman II and under Al-Hakam II the largest and most ambitious extension was carried out, involving eleven additional arcades of arches and ending definitively with the qibla and the Mihrab.

This era proved to be the most outstanding, and attention should be drawn to the coloured shafts, ornamental bases, along with the unsurpassed beauty of the coffered ceilings and the lobed and foiled arches.

Later, Almanzor, emulating his predecessors, further extended the Great Mosque, and concluded construction of the monument. Since 1523 the Great Mosque has also housed a Christian Cathedral, constructed in the wake of the Reconquest along with to other side chapels. Attention should be drawn to the impressive High Altarpiece, the Baroque Altarpiece, the choir stalls worked in mahogany and the Treasures of the Cathedral, consisting of priceless jewels, including the particularly noteworthy Monstrance of Arfe.

Interior of the Mosque of Cordoba

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