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Medina Azahara Guide Visits

Medina Azahara

We propose you some different ways to know Medina Azahara:

It was built at the wish of the caliph Abd-al Rahman III using the money his favourite, Al-Zahra, left him.

Interior of the Mosque of Cordoba

It was designed to be the capital of a new province of the Caliphate of Cordoba, but finally the sackings of the city/palace led it to be remembered as Córdoba la Vieja (Old Cordoba). The caliph Abd-al-Rahman III was a great supporter of culture and a skilful politician who made his dominions the most prosperous in the West during his times, only comparable with Baghdad and Byzantium. The floor plan of Medina Al-Zahara is almost rectangular. It was built on stepped terraces which took advantage of the slope of the mountain. Each terrace was separated from the others using walls that divided the city into three parts. In the high part were the palaces, in the middle sector the dominant landscape was fruit and vegetable plots and gardens and in the lower part was the main mosque and the houses. There are still remains of foundations, paintings and columns in Composite and Corinthian style. Walking through 2 recently restored rooms is a visit not to be missed. It was declared a National Monument in 1923.

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