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The History of Cordoba

Visigoth Period

The decline of Cordoba at this period started with "Diocleciano" (Roman Emperor), the status of Capital of Andalusia, that Cordoba had acquired, was moved to "Hispalis" (Seville) along with the Christian movement or expansion. The Christian communities started having great importance as the paleochristian sarcophagus demonstrate, which are kept at the "Alcazar" and at the Archaeological Museum.

In the 5th century a huge transformation took place; Cordoba was plundered by vandals, who gave the actual name to the Andalusian region. The Roman power started disappearing and a Visigoth Doge established at the "Bética". Cordoba suffered for a length of time the rivalries between those who were fighting for the power, and also the fights between "Leovigildo" (Visigoth King of Spain) and his son "Hermenegildo", who ended up conquering Cordoba. From that moment on, a dominant minority imposed over the Hispanic-Roman population.

During the reign of the Catholic "Recaredo", the Visigoth people built the "Basilica de San Vicente" (San Vicente Church), on top of a previous Roman temple, in honour to the Sun, on the same site where later on, the Mosque Aljama was constructed. The nobiliary revolts were constant, which led to the civil wars that preceded the Moslem invasion.

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