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Provincia Córdoba

In the Spanish radial roadway system, Cordoba is at the crossroads between the road that connects Madrid with Andalusia, as well as in the communications network southeast-southwest of the Peninsula.

This way, the capital of Cordoba is situated on a crossroad, crossed by the Radial IV Madrid-Cadiz, one of the largest traffic ways in the Peninsula, as well as by the National road that links Badajoz with Granada. Also, from near the city begins the National road that connects Malaga and Costa del Sol with the radial road network and the National roads that connect with Jaen in the East and Puertollano and Ciudad Real in the North. As for the railway, Cordoba has also a strategic position because the capital is the point of bifurcation of the line that connects Madrid with Malaga, Seville, Cadiz and Huelva. The south of the province is connected by another line with Jaen and Linares.

Nowadays the line Madrid-Cordoba-Seville has been reinforced considerably with the new High Speed train called El Ave . Also, the communication by road has improved with the recent construction of the Motorway. Cordoba has an airport which is completely operative for planes of up to 80 seats, either jet planes or propeller, although there are no regular passenger lines, but it can be used in charter flights and private flights.

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