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Hammams Arab Baths in Cordoba


Hammam Arab Baths

Located only a few meters away from the Mosque, in the heart of the capital of the Umayyad Caliphate, the largest Arab baths in Europe will transport you to the splendour of the Al Ándalus kingdom. Treat yourself to a bath and a massage in these unique historical and architectural surroundings.

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Services available


Price: 30€

Hammam Arab BathsEnjoy a walk through History while you take delight of our three water rooms and our Steam room to make your relax complete. The complete session lasts for one and a half hour. The rooms that you will find in the Hammam are: Warm room, Cold room, Hot room, steam room, Hot stone.



Hammam Arab BathsThis complementary service consists on fifteen minutes of a relaxing massage that will make the stress of your diary life disappear. The aromatherapy is included with the massage: aromatherapy is the art of relaxing, calming the pains, and strengthening the health and beauty by means of aromatic fragrances. These are the fragrances used for the massages: orange blossom, jasmine, lemon, rosmary, ...


Price: 49€

Hammam Arab BathsThe bath is complemented by a traditional exfoliating massage realised on a hot stone, this massage is done with a glove Kessa and a natural soap. The massage lasts for 15 minutes of massage, 1h 30min the complete session. After the session, you could keep the glove and the soap. This service is recovered from the essence of Al Andalus.


Price:62€ Hammam Arab Baths

The bath is complemented by an traditional exfoliating massage realised on the hot stone, this massage is done with a glove Kessar and natural soap. In addition, this massage is a complemented by a relaxing massage with Aromatherapy.

The length of service is 1.30h where the exfoliating massage lasts 15 minutes and other 15 minutes for the relaxing massage.

This service is a complete ceremony of a hammam Al Andalus, which attempts to recover this ancient tradition.



Hammam Arab BathsThis combines traditional hot stone massage with a double relaxing massage for a deeper sensation. In the traditional massage, the masseur lathers your body, scrubbing it with the traditional Arabic glove (glove Kessa) soap and red grape, to remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation. The Omeya Ritual adds to this with a relaxing massage with essential oils, relaxing and moisturising the skin.

Observations to consider

  • Hydration is recommended from time to time with tea or water.
  • It is advised not to stay more than 10 minutes in the hot thermal bath or steam room to avoid brownouts.
  • Children under 5 years are not allowed.
  • All prices include VAT


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