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Guided Tour to the Mosque of Cordoba - Join a group

Visit the Mosque in Group


Daily (from Tuesday to Saturday at 10.30) walking tour visiting the most important monuments in Cordoba in about three and a half hours time.

Guided Tour to the Mosque of Cordoba - Guía Privado

Guided Tour to the Mosque of Cordoba - Guía Privado


You can also hire a private official guide to accompany you in the Mosque and thus get to know and understand the monument from the perspective of a professional.

Guided Tour to the Mosque of Cordoba - Centros educativos

Mosque with schools guide


These visits for educational centres have a clear pedagogic focus. The professionals who guide these groups have a special training in teaching called C.A.P (Pedagogical Aptitude Certificate),they are so official guides, but with a large experience in education too.

Guided Tour to the Mosque of Cordoba - From Malaga

Mosque with schools guide


Explore beautiful Cordoba on this full-day tour of a city known as the heart of Andalusia. Explore the Roman Bridge, the Jewish Quarter (one of Europe's largest World Heritage sites), the 14th century Synagogue and the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

Regular Guided Tour to Medina Azahara in Cordoba

Visit Medina Azahara in Group


About four hours tour to the city of Medina Azahara, 6 miles away from Cordova, discovering the prints of its splendid past under the Umayyads of Andalusia.

Guided Tour to Medina Azahara - Private Guide

Medina Azahara Private Guide


You can also hire a private official guide to accompany you in the Medina and thus get to know and understand the monument from the perspective of a professional.

Guided tour to Medina Azahara - Educational Centers

Medina Azahara with schools guide


With this type of card your alumn @ s know in an entertaining history of Medina Azahara, symbol of the new political and ideological opened in al-Andalus with establishment of the Independent Caliphate.

Night Walking tour in the city center of Cordoba

Guided Tour Cordoba - Night Walk


Walking tour in which we will go through the most picturesque lanes and squares of Cordoba. Accompanied by an Official Guide of Cordoba we will visit emblematic places like the Capuchinos Square, ...

Regular visit to the Patios Festival

Patios Cordoba


Walk in the middle of the flowering season, the intimacy of the Cordoban courtyards opens up for the visitor. These private houses are spread over more than 600 streets, alleys and alleys, which draw the largest historic center in Europe, and today is a World Heritage Site.

Walking tour in the afternoon: Charming Cordoba city

Charming Cordoba Guided Tour


Guided Tour on foot through the hidden streets in the Jewish Quarter full of mistery and amazing history. A unique opportunity to discover the mixture of cultures in Cordoba.

Private guided tour to the Palace of Viana

Private visit to the Palacio de Viana


SIGTHSEEING tour by bus to see the Roman bridge, The Tower of the Calahorra, the Guadalquivir river,the Old Walls of the City , the Roman Temple and the modern city center, then we will continue to take a little walk to visit the PALACE OF VIANA.

Hammams Arab Baths of Cordoba

                    ammam Arab Baths


Located only a few meters away from the Mosque, in the heart of the capital of the Umayyad Caliphate, the largest Arab baths in Europe will transport you to the splendour of the Al Ándalus kingdom.

Excursion to Cordoba from Sevilla

Córdoba desde Sevilla

Visit the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, with its magnificent gardens and rooms decorated with mosaics, then we go to the Umayyad Mosque, the largest in the West for centuries, turned into a cathedral after the Christian conquest and hence pass the Juderíaal-Andalus Caliphate with establishment of the Independent.


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