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History of Torre de Malmuerta

Torre de Malmuerta - Plaza de Colón-Ollerías 14009 Córdoba

Near the “Plaza de Colón” (Colón square), the “Torre de la Malmuerta” (the “Malmuerta Tower) is covered in legends. On one side, the popular tradition says that the name of the tower is due to a noble Lady from Cordoba who was killed by her jealous husband.; on the other side, the legend says, that the name of the tower comes from a King‘s knight, who in a moment of passion killed his wife and her lover. He received an exceptional punishment, and he was condemned to construct the tower which would be the “jail” where he would spend the rest of his life.

Leaving legends on one side, this tower, built on the site where there was an Islamic construction, was constructed in the 15th century. It is joined to the wall through a semicircular arch. Beneath this arch there is a carved inscription with facts about its construction. In the interior of this tower, several stairways lead to the walk behind the parapet on top of the wall, and further up the stairs, to the only room of the building, which has a vault and is opened to the exterior through narrow loopholes.

The tower has an octagonal shape and it is supported on an arch that divides the wall that leads to the “Puerta del Rincón” (the “Corner” Door). Beneath the arch you can see the royal arms and an inscription, almost rubbed off, that has started one of the existing legends about this tower. This legend, detailed in the book "Paseos por Córdoba", says that if a horseman was able to read the whole inscription while he went under the arch where it is written, at that precise moment the tower would fall down, and the horseman would find and keep a fabulous treasure.

The tower is solid up to the height of the arch, from which it is hollow, housing rooms from where a staircase leads to the platform.

When this tower lost its defensive function, it was used as a prison for nobles. In the 18th century, the scientist from Cordoba, “D. Gonzalo Antonio Serrano”, did his astronomical observations.

In 1951, the Lord Mayor “Alfonso Cruz Conde”, promoted the creation of a small museum dedicated to the people of Cordoba that had participated in the discovery of America. This museum was inaugurated on October 12th of that same year.

For some time, towards the end of the 20th century, it was the seat of the “Federación Cordobesa de Ajedrez” (Chess Federation of Cordoba).


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