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History of Viana Palace

Viana Palace - Plaza de Don Gome, 2 Cordoba - 14001

Everything in the inside of the Palace is shown in its original state, where carpets, lamps, furniture and paintings create a fascinating atmosphere.

Aristocratic families have always been the owners of this palace, for example: “Miguel Ruiz”, the treasurer of Andalucía and Murcia or the knight commander of Segura. The last family that lived in this palace was the third marquis of Viana: “Don Fausto Saavedra y Collado”

The Fine Arts General Direction, the Archives and Libraries, declared on April the 13th (Real Decree 1604/1983 ) “Artistic Garden”, coming under the protection of the Estate.

The “Caja Provincial de Ahorro” of Cordoba (a Bank) acquired the palace in 1980 with the intention of opening it as a museum, avoiding the dispersal of its rich patrimony. Under the petition of this entity, it was declared “Historic-Artistic National Monument and Artistic National Garden” by Real Decree in 1981.

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