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History of Viana Palace

Viana Palace - Plaza de Don Gome, 2 Cordoba - 14001

At the “Don Gome” square we find this magnificent palace, with rooms that are laid out around twelve courtyards and a fantastic garden. The different floral species decorate and perfume every corner of the great museum. The last marchioness of Viana, Sofia of Lancaster, knew how to keep the exquisite origin of this 14th century palace. The several rooms have multiple collections of different types (paintings, table services, mosaics, tapestries, tiles, guns). The fabulous pieces of art that are exhibited in this enclosure, make this visit one of the most positive and constructive of Cordoba. The embossed leather collection and the great library of the 16th to 18th centuries are outstanding.

The Palace-Museum of Viana, is a manorial house that, through the years, has kept expanding with adjacent dwellings and that occupies an area of more that 6.500 square meters, of which more than the half correspond to open spaces (gardens and courtyards). The archaeological discoveries next to the garden, as well as the leakage or escapes of the ground, makes us think that the construction of this palace was made on the structure of a Roman “insula” or a small village, where you can see the evolution of the architecture of Cordoba, from the 14th century up to this day, as well as the diverse types of craftsmanships: floors with Roman mosaic tiling, carved woodworks and excellent “mudejar” and Renaissance panel works on the ceilings. The general look of the building is austere and not very ostentatious, although it has architectonic elements of imposing appearance, like for instance the staircase that leads to the second floor. On its walls, great pieces of art and unique collections are found: “flamencos”, “gobelinos” and “goyescos” tapestries; oil paintings from the Brueghel school; the most complete collections of embossed leather and “cordobanes” (tanned goatskin); a gallery with battle paintings; a library with 7.000 volumes with outstanding books about hunting; frescos by León Abadía; collections of harquebus, porcelain tableware, textile works of art, etc.

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