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History of The San Jerónimo Monastery

The San Jerónimo Monastery - Carretera de Palma del Rio 14009 Córdoba

The dominion of the “Monasterio de San Jerónimo de Valparaíso” (the “San Jerónimo of Valparaíso” Monastery) was constituted through acquisitions: donations, purchases, sales and changes. Therefore, the history of the constitution of this patrimony does not differ, in general lines, from other ecclesiastic institutions of that period; after some donations, different purchases were done, which conformed the monastic patrimony. Sales of property, that for some circumstance were not interesting for the cenoby, and changes of some country property for others, trying to organize the exploitation of the domain in a rational way, configured the patrimony.

Residence of important people, it houses an art collection of great quality. The visits, although they are limited to certain areas due to its private character or use, allow the visitors to enjoy the quiet and pleasant retreat where the monks of the “jerónimos” order chose to reside.

Its Gothic origin has continued enriching itself thanks to the successive Renaissance and Baroque interventions. Nowadays, its owners, the “Mérito” marquises, have made a wonderful restoration job, carried out during several generations.


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