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History of Los Mausoléos Romanos (the Roman Mausoleums)

Los Mausoléos Romanos (the Roman Mausoleums) - Puerta Gallegos (Gallegos door) 14009 Córdoba

These amazing monuments date from the second quarter of the 1st century a.c and are the most important Roman funeral constructions of the city. One of them was completely reconstructed and so was part of the second one. Its cylindrical structure and its big dimensions, as well as its location (at the entrance of the city, next to the principal way “Corduba-Híspalis”), shows us the accommodated character of the families for which it was constructed.

It is an unusual construction in the peninsula, and it could have well been designed by an Italian architect, having as a reference other mausoleums of the imperial capital. The mausoleums were discovered in 1993, during some archaeological works. It still has the funeral chamber that housed the cinerary urn, as well as rests of the basement, cornices, etc.

Nowadays you can see the interior, with a previously arranged visit. The “Centro de Interpretación del Mundo Funerario” (the Interpretation Center of the Funerary World) has been located there.


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