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History of Castillo de Almodovar (Almodóvar Castle)

Castillo de Almodovar (Almodóvar Castle) - The Almodóvar Castle is located at 22 km.

The history of Almodóvar, goes back to the Roman period, although the fortress was built in Moslem times. With the decline of the Caliphate, the fights for the kingdoms of Toledo and Seville started. In 1240, during the reign of “Fernando III”, the Christians got hold of it. Later on, during the reigns of “Pedro I” and “Enrique II”, it was converted into a Royal residence. After that, the “Calatrava” order and later the “Santiago” order got it.

One of the most interesting events that occurred at this fortress, was the revolt of the “yemeníes” (people from Yemen). According to sources, these Islamic tribes revolted against the power of “Abderramán I” (first Omeyan Emir of Cordoba). Nevertheless, they were defeated very near to the castle’s gates.

The “Castillo de Almodovar” (Almodóvar Castle) was stone-made. This stone structure gives the fortress a strong, compact and isolated look, with a difficult access, typical characteristics of these type of defensive constructions.

Between 1903 and 1911, the “Count de Torralba”, owner of the castle, started restoring it. The works lasted until 1936, when the Spanish Civil War started. Due to this battle, the fortress got damaged.

Nowadays, this fortress is a private property.


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