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History of Las Caballerizas Reales (the Royal Mews)

Las Caballerizas Reales (the Royal Mews) - C/Caballerizas Reales 1 14009 Córdoba

“Las Caballerizas Reales” (the Royal Mews) are joined to the “Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos” (the Palace of the Christian Kings). The discovery of America in 1492 and the annexation of the overseas territories by the Spanish crown, started a prosperous period when, once “Carlos V” held the power firmly, his son “Felipe II” was also able to dedicate himself to what was, probably, his biggest passion: horses.

The horse that existed at that time was a very robust one, but the monarch wanted to create a horse that could do equitation exercises, at the recently founded “Alta Escuela” (High School): a beautiful and elegant horse. To achieve this project, he founded in 1570, “Las Caballerizas Reales” (the Royal Mews) in Cordoba. At these mews they crossed horses and mares, obtaining the beautiful and noble horse that nowadays has fans all over the world: the thoroughbred Spanish horse.

Although the construction of the Royal Mews dates back to the 16th century, they were reconstructed in the period when “Carlos III” was king, after suffering a tremendous fire.

Being a military construction, today is occupied by the 7th reserve of breeding horses. The building where the stables are located, on the lower floor, is one of the principal elements of the Royal Mews. At this same building, the Consortium of Tourism has, on the first floor, its seat. Other elements of interest are: “el Picadero” (the riding school), “el Torreón de la Muralla” (the wall’s tower), as well as the gardens.

Through the year different shows related to the equestrian world take place at “Las Caballerizas Reales” (the Royal Mews).

Of the “Las Caballerizas Reales” (the Royal Mews) we must remark on the principal stable, which has a groined cross-vault supported by sandstone columns which close the stables or boxes. Nowadays it belongs to the Town Hall, and it is being reformed in order to establish the “horse culture” in the history of the Mews.


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