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Information about Cordoba

Geographic Location

Provincia Córdoba

Andalusia consists of 8 provinces, one of which is Cordoba, with a geographic extension of 13.723,20 square kilometers. It represents the 2,7% of Spain, being for this reason the second biggest province in Andalusia and the 13th in Spain. Its territorial limits, shared with other 6 provinces (to the North with the Provinces of Badajoz and Ciudad Real, to the East with Jaen's province, to the South with the ones of Granada and Malaga and to the West with the ones of Seville and Badajoz) extend along 696 Kilometers. Its geographic position is established by the latitudes: 38 44' and 37 11' at its septentrional (northern) and meridional (southern) extremes, and the longitude: 0 19' and 1 54' (referred to Madrid's meridian point) at its Eastern and Western extremes.

Cordoba's Capital is located at: 37 50'44'' latitude and at 04 50'23'' longitude, at 123 m over sea level.

The provincial altimetric areas are all located under the 1000 m, the biggest, with 8.556 square kilometers is the one between 200 and 600 m., the next one is between 600 and 1000 m with 3.378 square kilometers, and the last one is 1.784 square kilometers under the 200 m, where you find the "Guadalquivir" valleys.

The Province is divided into two, almost symmetrical areas, but different from the geographic and agricultural point of view, by the "Guadalquivir" river, which goes from east to west. At the North side of the river is "Sierra Morena" and a tableland that extends up to the "Guadalquivir". Both areas are dedicated mostly to extensive cattle breeding. The land on the south side of the river is a flatland, perfect for agriculture, known as the "Campiña" (stretch of arable land), and it extends through the southwest to Seville. Finally, at the meridional side is the "Penibética" area, perfect land for cultivating olive trees and grapevine. The hydrographic conditions are quite good, since there is not only the "Guadalquivir" river but also 4 more rivers of great importance, even when the conditions of the terrain are not exactly adequate for agricultural use.

Because of its geographic location, the province of Cordoba can be considered as the gravity center of Andalusia, specially the south side.

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