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Festivities in Cordoba

Cordoba's Festivities Calendar

Cordoba's Festivities Calendar

  • January

- The cavalcade of the Three Wise Men

  • February

- Carnival

- Carnival Cavalcade

  • March - April

- Easter Week

At Easter in Cordoba there are about 32 processions, that go round the city, along with “Nazarenos” (penitents in Holly Week processions), “saetas” (songs) and smells of “Azahar” (orange blossom) and incense.

- “Batalla de las Flores” (Flowers Battle)

- “Joyacor” ( Jewelry Feast)

In 1984 the Provincial Jewellers, Silversmiths and watchmakers Association, created the “JOYACOR”, an annual contest to promote Cordoba’s Jewelry Industry. Through the years this contest has achieved an important place in the Fair’s calendars as well as prestige outside our frontiers.

  • April

- “Romería de Santo Domingo” (“Santo Domingo” Pilgrimage)

  • May

- The Crosses

The first days of May in Cordoba, as well as in other Andalusian Provinces, the “Crosses” Competition begins. This is when the city “dresses up” with crosses rigged up with flowers, pots full with plants of brilliant colours, fountains and iron gates, all distributed through the town, at squares and strategic places, mostly in the Old part of the city. This is also the month for singing and dancing “Sevillanas”, for being happy and having a nice time out on the streets.

- “Cata de Vino” (Wine tasting)

- “Patios” (Courtyards)

May is also the month when, the public and private courtyards, dress up with beautiful flowers and original pots. The private courtyards or “patios” open their doors to the public, local people and foreigners, letting everybody admire and enjoy their splendid interior courtyards. There is also a Courtyard competition, called “Cordoba’s Courtyards Festival”.

- “Concurso de Patios, Rejas y Balcones” (Courtyards, Gates and Balconies Competition)

- “Romería de Linares” (Linares Pilgrimage)

- “Feria de Nuestra Señora de la Salud” / “Feria de Cordoba” (Cordoba’s Fair)

  • July

- “Festival de la Guitarra” (Guitars Festival)

  • September

- “Velá de la Fuensanta”

  • October

- “Fiesta de San Rafael Custodio de Córdoba” (Saint Rafael Custodio Fair).

  • December

- “Concurso de villancicos y Belenes” (christmas songs and nativity cribs competition)

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