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Cordoba: Home of Bullfighters

60 years ago, a "miura" (a bull bred at Miura, very strong and brave bulls), called "Islero", killed who was considered to be one of the greatest bullfighters of all times. That August 28th 1947, at the Linares bullfighting ring, "Manuel Laureano Rodríguez Sánchez" Manolete was killed caught by the bull's horn.

60 years later, and waiting for a Hollywood film based on his life to be released, the Local Consortium of Tourism is preparing a tourist route to guide and take the visitors through the bullfighter's favourite places of his home town. This initiative, presented at the "FITUR" (International Tourism Fair), and included in the cultural calendar of the town, will be launched this next Spring; as the Consortium manager "Federico Rodríguez" informed the newspaper "ABC": we wanted to present this initiative (this new route) to coincide, not only with the 90th anniversary of the bullfighter's birth (July 4th 1917) and the 60th anniversary of his death, but also with the film based on his life, directed by Menno Meyjes and starred by the actors Adrien Brody and Penelope Cruz.

Cordoba: Home of Bullfighters

Those people who love bullfighting and wish to see through "Manolete's" past, will visit the home where he was brought up, the "Santa Marina" district; the "Lobatón" land where he started training and also the tavern where he used to have his favourite meals. The route also goes past the two sculptural monuments dedicated to him: a bust at the Plaza de la Lagunilla (the "Lagunilla" square) and a complex at the Plaza del Condo de Priego (the "Conde de Priego" square), facing to the "Santa Marina" Church where bullfighters, such as "Finito de Cordoba", got married. Federico Rodríguez also said that along with this guided visit, they will create a Web site over this route so everyone who is interested can get to know the different places it consists of.

Those who love bullfighting and the history of Cordoba will be able to remember the most representative bullfighter of all times. An artist who had a remarkable way of understanding bullfighting, that will be regarded and will be remembered in the history of bullfighting. "Manolete" evolved in a different manner to other bullfighters, who start hinting as bullfighters and finish mastering the supreme death, but the "Fourth Califa" (the fourth biggest bullfighter), Manolete, mastered the art of bullfighting right from the beginning of his career.

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