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Information about Cordoba

Cordoba Climate

Cordoba has a Mediterranean climate with Atlantic influences. Winters are mild, although with some frosts, and summers are very hot, with important and noticeable changes of temperature and the highest temperatures in Europe, sometimes up to 40ºC or more. Although, the minimum temperatures are fresher, in July and August the average minimum temperature is over the 27ºC (the highest in Spain and Europe).

The rain is concentrated in the coldest months, owing to the Atlantic influence, as a result of the entrance of low pressure centers from the west, something which is more usual in the period from December to February, and In summer Cordoba suffers an important draught, which is typical of the Mediterranean climates. The total amount of rain per year can amount to 500 mm, although this is not a regular condition, which means that not every year Cordoba receives the same amount of rain water.

According to the "Köppen" climate classification, Cordoba's climate could be defined as Csa. At the Observatory in the Airport of Cordoba (at 6 Km from the Town) the maximum registered temperatures are 46,6ºC on July 23rd of 1995 and 46,2ºC on August 1st of 2003. The lowest is –8,2ºC on January 28th of 2005.

Mapa Córdoba
Airport Cordoba Observatory
1971-2000 Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic Año
Temperatura máxima media (°C) 14,7 16,9 20,5 22,1 26,2 31,6 36,2 35,9 31,7 25,0 18,9 15,3 24,6
Temperatura mínima media (°C) 3,7 4,9 6,4 8,6 11,8 15,5 18,1 18,5 16,2 12,1 7,6 5,2 10,7
Precipitación (mm) 64 53 40 61 34 17 3 3 24 62 85 89 536

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