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The History of Cordoba

16th – 20th Centuries

Cordoba started loosing its importance and population, despite the construction of the "Puerta del Puente" (the Bridge's Door) and the "Plaza de la Corredera" (the "Corredera" Square) by the dynasty of the "Austrias", and the creation of the courts in 1570 by "Felipe II" (Phillip II).

During the reign of "Felipe IV", in the next century, took place the "bread's revolt" due to the shortage of wheat.

During the Independence War in the 19th century, Cordoba went through a patriotic excitement. Years later, Cordoba suffered a period of struggles between absolutists and liberals. In 1868, when "Isabel II" was Queen, the liberals defeated the royalists at the "Alcolea" Bridge.

In the mid 20th century, the city changed its aspect, it reaffirmed the popular traditions and it got modernized.

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